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We’re a bit Marmite but we love it. 

The reaction many people give me when I tell them about Gaming 4 Weddings is one of curiosity, quickly turning to conversations about retro games they played as a kid such as Goldeneye or Mario Kart.  Oh yes, and there’s those who say ‘You do what!?  Er no thanks couldn’t think of anything worse for my wedding’.  Well, I totally get this, but after a conversation about why many brides or grooms (it’s mainly the bride) choose gaming at their wedding, they quickly change to ‘oh yeah, I get it, I can totally see that working.’  Win! 

So can you guess the top 5 reasons why people choose Gaming at their wedding?  

I bet you’re thinking it’s all the geeky gamers who sit in their room playing PlayStation day and night?  Well, you’re in for a surprise when I tell you that the majority of couples who choose gaming for their weddings aren’t in fact gamers. 

First Dance Fear.

This is a big one.  Not everyone is excited about doing a first dance.  In fact I’d go as far as saying first dance phobia is a real thing for many brides and grooms.   Many couples either don’t dance or don’t want the attention on them.  So what’s that got to do with gaming I can hear you thinking!?  We’ve had couples up and down the country looking to use gaming for the first dance!  Dance mat games are probably the most popular, followed by a rock off with Guitar Hero.  Seeing the wedding crowd getting involved and cheering on as the couple bust some moves on the dance mats is really lovely.  And it’s always a huge talking point as well as making they newlyweds happy and relaxed.

Keeping the Kids Happy.

Kids are a big reason why people choose gaming for their wedding.  Many brides with children contact me looking for a solution to keep their brood happy and entertained.  There’s nothing worse than children getting bored, moody and tired - because we all know what will happen - meltdowns, arguments and frankly spoiling the party.  Kids (and adults of course) play with each other happily, making new friends and the some of our games are educational as well as fun so parents can relax and have a boogie knowing the kids are catered for. 

Unique weddings.

It’s certainly true that we attract couples who are a bit unique and are planning a wedding that’s a bit rock’n’roll, a bit different and dare I say alternative.  Many of our couples are looking to bring out their personality.  I’ve seen the most incredible themes - marvel movies, Harry Potter and even a Halloween fancy dress! Our gaming units fit perfectly to weddings like this as they’re different, add some talkability and of course the huge variety of retro and new games that our couples love.

Entertainment with a difference. 

Brides who call me are looking for a social, fun and interactive entertainment idea for their guests for after the wedding breakfast.  They have been to many weddings with magicians or photo booths and want something new and exciting. Our game consoles bring something different that many guests haven’t seen before.  They bring people together all ages and backgrounds - there’s so many different games out there whether retro or new.  People love to play against each other, create a bit of competition and fun. 

God love the Gamers 

Of course a core group of people who love what we do are the gaming community.  Couples who play together stay together right!!!  They love gaming and everything associated with gaming, and so do we so it’s a match made in heaven!

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