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Secure the date - Peak season dates will be snapped up fast so it is best to book the date as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Tell us about your venue requirements - Our custom-built gaming units have been designed to be as flexible as possible. Whether you are having a festival wedding in the great outdoors, a traditional wedding in a manor house or turning a local venue into a middle eastern palace. Our gaming units will look right at home and keep your guests entertained whilst also being safe and professional. (Check out our extras for even more personalisation.)

The exciting bit, games! - Choosing the right games to suit your big day is crucial. We have a massive collection of retro and new games so our professional team will work with you to design a list of sociable entertaining games. (Don’t know much about games? Don’t worry our team have the experience to know what games work best for what age, so give us a general age and number of guests and we can go from there.)  

Relax and enjoy the big day - Our team will arrive to set up the gaming units in the chosen area. This is a pain free process as our gaming units wheel into place, the console inserted and then the fun can begin. No mess, fuss or drama.

An experienced friendly member of staff will stay with the units throughout the booking, they will change games, help guests with controls and make sure everything keeps flowing (Don’t worry any game hogs will be encouraged to rotate).

Check out our FAQ's for more info

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