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Where can the games be positioned? Do they take up much space?

Our gaming units are 1.8m tall, 1m wide and 30cm deep. They are best suited tucked neatly against a wall.  With no messy wires they are perfect for a wedding environment. Don't worry if there is no free wall space the units can be freestanding with attachable front and back legs. Access is also not a problem for our gaming units, wheels are attached and easily positioned into place hassle free. 

My wedding venue is on the third floor with no access to lifts?

Not a problem as long as you let us know as a second member of staff may be required.

What are your power requirements? We are getting married in the great outdoors. 

All we require is access to a standard UK plug, we will come along with all extension leads and equipment needed. All our equipment has been PAT tested. No power available? just let us know and we can chat to you about our generators. 

I am worried my partner to be will see their favourite game and wont be seen the rest of the night?

This will not be the case, we will work carefully with yourself to pick an appropriate games list. Multiplayer games that are accessible to all, with simple controls, short playing times and lots of rotation, create a great open social atmosphere.  

Our trained staff will be on hand throughout the booking making sure this is the case.

How far north do you travel?

We travel all over UK mainland, we have free travel within 40 miles of Birmingham Centre and a standard travel fee outside of that.

What games and consoles do you have? And how many do we pick?

We have a huge collection of retro and new games on all of the popular consoles.   No need to worry if we don't have your favourite game, we love building our collection and will do our best to get it in ready for your big day.

We normally recommend picking one console per gaming unit and a handful of games to be rotated during the booking. We always recommend going with multiplayer games to create the best social environment.

How much deposit is needed to secure the date?

We ask for a third of the total as a deposit and the rest is due on or before the wedding date.

How many people can play at one time? We have a large wedding planned.

This all depends on the games selected, when we work with you to develop a games list we will keep this in mind and choose games with larger multiplayer options.

The largest games allowed up to 8 people at one time, but on average 4 players per unit is the norm.

We are having a Pink and Blue colour theme for our wedding, how will the gaming units fit in?

Colour themes are great and all our units are fitted with LED lights that can be changed to match your themes. They also have a great disco mode which syncs to the music being played to add to the atmosphere. Check out our Name In Light and Custom Designed Units option for extra personalisation.

I am worried about some of the older children not playing fair.

Our staff work with children of all ages and backgrounds as part of the School for Gaming organisation. We know what games young people enjoy and how best to facilitate them. If you want something extra special to keep them entertained we can use some of our productive gaming techniques and set wedding related challenges.

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