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gaming wedding entertainment

About us

Gaming4weddings the first of its kind. Focused on a social experience for all, breaking those awkward silences and bringing your guests together. Whether happy couples are looking for the latest blockbusters to keep the kids out of trouble or multiplayer retro fun for the grownups, we guarantee it’s the perfect way to get the party started. Our flexible gaming units can be customised and will look great in any environment or venue. 


With hundreds of events behind us and working with some huge companies including GAME, Llyod's Bank, Ubisoft and the BBC, we are fully experienced at what we do, and not only were we the first to bring console gaming to weddings, our customers say we are the best!

Our History

Established in 2014 and formerly named Joypads, we have always recognised the positive potential behind the much-loved past time of gaming.  

As a social enterprise we are passionate about the beneficial work we do with young people. Our sister company - School for Gaming - is a creative solution to our struggling youth services, offering an engaging fun way to develop key life skills whilst using popular games.

 Sustainability is a core element to any social enterprise and the marriage between social gaming and wedding entertainment is a perfect fit. Our founder, Chris Hignell develops and designs our unique flexible gaming units, offering a safe and sociable way to enjoy group gaming. Along with our gaming units and experienced staff we are revolutionising the wedding entertainment industry offering a new innovative solution.  ​

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